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Personalised Bracelet with Picture Inside

Personalised Bracelet with Picture Inside

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Discover the Uniqueness of Personalized Wrist Band

How to upload the photo?

NOTE: Please note that the size of the design picture should be bigger than or equal to 1000*1000 px.


Ever wished for a bracelet that tells a story? Introducing a piece that's more than just jewelry.

Our bracelet with picture inside offers a unique twist – a special compartment to hold a cherished picture. Whether it's a snapshot of a loved one, a memorable trip, or a moment you never want to forget, this bracelet ensures it's always wrapped around your wrist.

Imagine the conversations it'll spark, the compliments you'll receive, and the memories it'll revive every time you wear it. It's not just an accessory; it's a piece of your story. Ditch the mundane and let every detail of your jewelry speak volumes about who you are.

Ready to wear your memories and make a statement? Order custom bracelets and let your bracelet be the talk of the town!

How Can I Order?

  • Choose an image of your choice
  • Upload the image
  • Complete the Purchase

Let us take care of the rest. We offer a safe and secure checkout with 100% buyer protection. You will also receive a live tracking number after completing the purchase.


  • Turn on your phone's flashlight and place it at the back of the pendant to project the picture onto a white wall.
  • Hold the pendant close to one eye to view the image. You can hold it against a light source for a better effect. 
  • Tap the camera app on your phone and point it at the pendant's front side to divulge the picture.


Please ensure to send clear pictures to avoid any discrepancies in the effect.

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